Appointed by Commission Chairman
Building and Land
Robert Rominger, Chair
Mike Hughes
Howard Thompson
Bill Winters
Jeff Yarber
Mark Hall, Chair
Mike Hughes
Dan Rawls
Bill Winters
Jeff Yarber
Howard Thompson, Chair
Bobby Goins
Mark Hall
Mike Hughes
Johnny Mull
Mayor D. Gary Davis (Non-Voting), Chair
Milan Blake
Thomas Crye
Charlotte Peak
Dan Rawls
Robert Rominger
Milan Blake, Chair
Bobby Goins
Mark Hall
Mike Hughges
Charlotte Peak
Bill Winters, Chair
Terry Caywood
Johnny Mull
Robert Rominger
Jeff Yarber

Charlotte Peak, Chair
Terry Caywood
Thomas Crye
Howard Thompson
Robert Rominger
Law Enforcement
Jeff Yarber, Chair 
Terry Caywood
Johnny Mull
Howard Thompson
Bill Winters
Terry Caywood, Chair
Milan Blake
Thomas Crye
Bobby Goins
Dan Rawls

Milan Blake, Chair
Terry Caywood
Mike Hughes
Johnny Mull
Bill Winters

Museum Board
Milan Blake
Bobby Goins

Committees and Boards Appointed by the Commission or Mayor

Adult Oriented Establishment  (est. by resolution 11/17/2003, appointed by County Mayor, Four Year Term)
Brian Smith 1/16 
Randy King 1/16 
Milan Blake 1/16 
Larry Bryant 1/14

Ag Center Board Committee (Recommended by Ag. Ctr. Board, appointed by Commission, 3 Year Term )
Max Everhart 10/2016 
Jerry Bancroft 10/2015 
Carl Shrewsbury 10/2016 
John Haile 10/2016
Bess Neil lifetime
Jack Sanders 10/2016
John Moore 10/2016
Vacant 10/2016
Clayton Beaty 10/2014
Ginger Buchanan 10/2016
Larry Mitchell 10/2016
David Cawood 2014

Agriculture Extension Committee (appointed by Commission, Two Year Term/ Six Year Limit )
Mel Griffith County Commissioner 1/2014
Vacant 1/2014
Mark Hall County Commissioner 1/2015
Brent Beaty 1/2014
Kathy Owenby 1/2014
Mark Bagley 1/2015
Jack Sanders 1/2015

Animal Shelter Committee (Two Year Term)
Sandy Turner, County Appointment 6/2012
Beth Foster, County Appointment 6/2011
Kathy Kinder, 6/2014 
Dr. Robert Taylor, 4/2013
Dr. John Owens, 4/2014 
Teresa Anderson 4/2012 

Audit Committee (Formed by Resolution 9.8.2009, amended 12.7.2009)
VACANT, 1st District 1/2014
Roger Fuller, 2nd District 1/2015
Clint Taylor, 3rd District 1/2014
Kelvin Bishop, 4th District 1/2015
VACANT, 5th District 1/2014
Curt Duncan, 6th District 1/2015
Dewayne Thompson, 7th District 1/2016

Beer Board (appointed by Commission, Four Year Term)
Doug Stewart 1st District 9/2016 
Gary Stoneciper 2nd District 9/2017 
Michael Williford 3rd District 9/2017 
R.B. Blaine Cartwright 4th District / Chair 9/2015 
Randy King 5th District 9/2016 
Ronnie Kellar 6th District 9/2017 
Floyd Clevenger 7th District 9/2016 

Board of Zoning Appeals (appointed by County Mayor, Five Year Term)
Glenna Pritchett, 2/2018 
Ray Kerr, 2/2016 
Peaches Searles 2/2019
Cathy McCracken, 2/2015 
Tim Waldrop, 2/2017

Bradley/ Cleveland Community Service Agency (Term of Office)
D. Gary Davis, County Mayor, Term
Vacant, County Commission, Term
Bill Winters, County Commission, Term
George Poe, City Council, Term 
Avery Johnson, City Council, Term
Bambi Hines
Walter Goode
Janice Casteel (alternate)

Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Council (appointed by County Mayor, one Year Term )
D. Gary Davis, Term
Robert Rominger, 1/2015
Terry Caywood, 1/2015

Committee to work with the IDB
Jeff Yarber

Compensation Study Committee (Resolution Adopted 8/20/2007, appointed by Commission)
Rena Samples, Mayor's Appointment
Mayor D. Gary Davis, Finance Chair 
Milan Blake, Insurance Chair  
Jeff Yarber, Law Enforcement Committee Chair
Bill Winters, Juvenile Committee Chair
Ralph Willig, Citizen 

Conasauga River Alliance (appointed by County Mayor, Two Year Term  )
Joe Davis 1/15

Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals (appointed by Commission, three Year Term )
Jeff Bird Alternate 1/2014
Ken True 1/2014 
Dee Burris 1/2015 
Phillip Daniels 1/2015
Dennis Epperson 1/2015
Ryan Arp Alternate 1/2015
Lisa Stanbery 1/2014
Doug Cawood 1/2016 
Thomas Crye 1/2016 

County Genealogist
Barbara Fagan

County Historian (Indefinite Term)
Libby Golden
Dr. William Snell (Honorary)

Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee (formed by resolution 7.6.2009, amended 10.19.2009, appointed by Commission)
Andrew Freiberg, Criminal Court Judge
Sandra Donaghy, Criminal Court Judge
Sheridan Randolph, Criminal Court Judge
Eric Watson, Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff
Gabe Thomas, Sheriff’s Office, Jail Administrator
Steve Crump, District Attorney
Richard Hughes Public Defender 
J. David Bishop, City Police Chief
Gayla Miller, Clerk of the Court
D. Gary Davis, County Mayor
Jeff Yarber, Law Enforcement Committee Chair
Gary Conner SETN Community Corrections Director
Rich Kienlen Misdemeanor Probation Director
David Webb Mental Health Professional 10/13
Linda Wells Substance Abuse Professional 10/13
Member Local BAR Association 10/13
Matt Ryerson, Citizen Representative 10/13

Employee Safety Committee (appointed by County Mayor, 1 Year Term)

Jeff Gunter, Chairman 1/2015
Carolyn Lay, County Clerk's Office 1/2015 
Doris Ann Near, Road Department 1/2015 
Debra Jenkins, Road Department 1/2015
Arnold Botts, Sheriff's Deptment 1/2015 
Joe Thomason, Ambulance 911 1/2015 
Danny Lawson, EMS 1/2015
Paul Wyrick, Parks & Rec 1/2015
Eloise Waters, Health Department 1/2015 
Troy Maney, BCFR 1/2015
Jerry Johnson, EMA 1/2015 
Rena Samples, Human Resources 1/2015
Lindsay Hathcock, Mayor's office 1/2015
Donnie Sullivan, BCFR 1/2015

Ethics Committee (appointed by County Mayor,one year term )
Terry Caywood 9/2015
Johnny Mull 9/2015
Bill Winters 9/2015
Rhode' Kirkpatrick, Citizen 9/2015
Susan Barnette, Citizen 9/2015

Equalization Board (appointed by Commission,Two Year Term )
Lamar Arp 6/14
David Hannah 6/14
James Sharp 6/14
Jeff Huff 6/14
Sherry Davis 6/14 (city)

Fire Board (appointed by Commission, Two Year Term )
Ed Elkins,1st District 7/2016
Louie Alford, 2nd District 7/2014 
Buster Stuart, 3rd District 7/2016
Arnold Botts, 4th District, 7/2014
Jay Brown, 5th District, 5/2016 
Dana Burgner, 6th, District 7/2014
Dr. Ben Perez, 7th District, 7/2016

Farmers Market North Committee (formed by Resolution 3.19.2012, 4 year term)
Robert Rominger, County Commissioner, Chair 3/2016
Louie Alford, County Commissioner 3/2016
Gloria Hayes, Farmer/Producer/Vendor 3/2016
Jeff Padgett, Farmer/Producer/Vendor 3/2016
Bobby Orr, Farmer/Producer/Vendor 3/2016

Fort Hill Cemetery (Approved by County Commission, Revised 1017/2005)
Jeff Yarber, County Commission 1/2015
Pete Bryant, Bradley County 1/2015
Gary Austin, Bradley County 1/2015
Laura Wittmaier, Bradley County 1/2015
Bob George, City Appt.
Debbie Moore, City Cleveland
Charlie McKenzie, City Counciil 
George Poe, City Council
Libby Golden, Historical Society 1/2015
Robert Jenkins, Veterans 1/2015
John Conner, County Appointment 1/2015
Barbara Fagan, Genealogist 1/2015

GIS Board (City/County) 
Sandra Knight, County Engineer
Wayne Owenby, GIS
Stanley Thompsson, Assessor
Troy Spence, EMA Director

Greenway Board (appointed by Commission, est. by resolution 6/21/2004, 8/2/2004)
D. Gary Davis, County Mayor Term
, County Commission
Milan Blake, County Appointment
Matthew Brown, County Appointment
Janice Casteel, City Manager
Bill Estes, City Councilman
Judy Chandler, City Appintment
Will Reynolds, City Appintment
Cameron Fisher, Chamber Appointment, Chair 
Kim Duncan, CU Appointment
Lorri Moultrie, County Non-Voting Member

Growth Plan Coordinating Committee (appointed by County Mayor)
Johnny McDaniel Bradley County Schools
John Moore Soil Conservation District
Mickey Torbett Chamber
Craig Mullinax Cleveland Utilities
Mary Stewart Lewis BellSouth/ AT&T
Larry Anderson Charleston Mayor
Tom Cate Cleveland Mayor Appointment
Bruce Renner Cleveland Mayors Designee
George McCoin Cleveland Mayors Designee
Mel Griffith Bradley County Mayor Appointment
Jim Richmond Bradley County Mayor Designee
Jim Barger Bradley County Mayor Designee

Healthy Community Initiative (Two Appointments by Mayor, One Appointment per district, Four Year Term)
Sandy Brock County Mayor 8/2015 
Dr. Michael Daubner County Mayor 8/2017 
Pat Cawood 1st District 5/2017 
Reba Terry, 2nd District 5/2015
Lisa Stanbery, 3rd District 4/2017, Chair 
Adam Lowe, 4th District 4/2015 
Terry Gallaher 5th District 4/2013
Tommy Ledford, 6th District 5/2015
Kim Casteel, 7th District 4/2017 

Hiwassee Utilities Commission (appointed by County Mayor, Three Year Term )
Joe Edwards Bradley County 6/2015 
Sam Bettis Bradley County 6/2016
Douglas A. Lecombe Bradley County 9/2016 
Bill Brakebill McMinn County
Doug Harrod McMinn County
Harry Morgan McMinn County

Housing Board of Adjustments and Appeals (appointed by Commission, Three Year Term)
Randy Reece 1/2015
Ken True 1/2014 
Ben Atchley, Alternate 1/2014
Lake Mantooth 1/2016

Keep America Beautiful
Mike Hughes, Term

Industrial Bond Board (appointed by Commission, Six Year Term )
Joe Rodgers, 1st District 9/2015
Clayton Beaty, 2nd District 
Taylor Howard, 3rd District 
lph Buckner Jr., 4th District  9/2015  
Rodney Dillard, 5th District 
Terry Buckner, 6th District 
Max Carroll, 7th District

Industrial Development Board (appointed by Commission, created by resolution 1/20/2004)
D. Gary Davis  3/2016
Tom Rowland  3/2016
Tom Wheeler Chairman, EDC
Tony Young County Appointment (6 year term) 3/2018
Ross Tarver County Appointment (4 year term) 3/2016
Scott Taylor City Appointment (4 year term) 3/2014 
George McCoin City Appointment (6 year term) 3/2015 
Janice Casteel City Manager- Non- Voting
Gary Farlow President & CEO Chamber- Non-Voting

IT Committee (One Information systems expert Appt. by County Mayor, Three County Commissioners appt. by County Commission, Five Dept. Heads appt. by County Commission, Terms Indefinate)
Milan Blake County Mayor Appointment
Terry Caywood, Commissioner
Sandra Knight, Dept. Head
Wayne Owenby, Dept. Head
Deborah Ledford, Dept. Head
Stanley Thompson Elected Official
VACANT Dept. Head

John Ross Cabin Committee (Resolution Adopted 6.7.2010, Four Year Term)
Robert Rominger, 6/2014
Debbie Moore 6/2014
Melissa Woody 6/2014
Kenneth Brown 620/14
Jim Richmond 6/2014
Paul Wyrick 6/2014

Joint City/County Education Committee (Resolution Adopted 4/2/2007, appointed by Commission, Two Year Term)
Jeff Yarber 2/14 

Law Library Board (2 Year Term Appt. by County Mayor)
Milan Blake, 3/3016 

Library Board (Three/Six Year Terms)
Evelyn Clowers, City Appointment 7/13
John Hagler, City Appointment 7/16
Phil Jacobs, City Appointment 7/15 
Bill Burch, County Appointment 7/17
Barbara Stone, County Appointment 7/15 
Tiger Jones, County Appointment 7/17

Local Emergency Planning Commission (appointed by County Mayor, Two Year Term )
Curtis Cline, Citizen 7/2016

Medical Examiner (appointed by County Mayor)
Dr. Jeff Miller

Misdemeanor Probation Advisory Board (est. by resolution 11/4/2002, appointed by Commission)
John Williams, District Attorney's Office
Richard Hughes, Public Defender's Office
Joseph (Mac) McCoin, Jr. Bar Association
Bill Dyer, Sheriff's Office
Janice Casteel, City of Cleveland
County Commission
Jeff Yarber, County Commission

Nursing Home Board (appointed by Commission, Four Year Term)
Sandra Snider, 1st District 1/2015 
Sarah Smith, 2nd District 1/2016
John Stanbery, 3rd District 1/2015
Wendy Lee Beck, 4th District 1/2016
Amanda Whitley, 5th District 1/2016
Josephine Frazier, 6th District 1/2016
Lonnie Setlich, 7th District 1/2015
Bill Winters,  At Large Term
Robert Rominger, At Large Term 

Records / Committee Archives (appointed by Commission)
Carroll Ross, Chairman
Libby Golden, County Historian
Barbara Fagan, County Genealogist
Dina Swafford, Register of Deeds
Donna Simpson, County Clerk
County Commissioner

Recreation Board (appointed by Commission, Four Year Term )
Joel Prince 1st District 11/2015 
Eddie Evans 2nd District 11/2013
Derrick Burrell 3rd District 
Greg Geren 4th District 11/2017
Ralph Chase 5th District 11/2015  
Greg Mason 6th District 
Ted Gee 7th District 

Regional Planning Commission (appointed by County Mayor, Four Year Term )
Richard Burnette 6/2018 
Lisa Webb 6/2015
Mike Graves  6/2016 
Adam Lewis 6/2017 
Janie Bishop 6/2015
Tom Crye 6/2016 
Lake Mantooth 6/2018
Melvin Griffith 6/2014
Joanna Duncan 6/2016

Solid Waste/Landfill Committee (appointed by County Mayor, Two Year Term )
Terry Caywood, 10/2016 
Howard Thompson, 10/2016
Charlotte Peak-Jones, 10/2016

Southeast TN Community Corrections Advisory Board (appointed by Commission, Two Year Term)
D. Gary Davis, County, Mayor Term
County Sheriff Term
Ed Lewis, Bradley 6/14
Eddie Cartwright, Bradley 6/13
Rich Kienlen, Bradley 6/13
Drew Robinson, Bradley 6/13
Randy Fox, Bradley 6/13
Laura Moore, Bradley 6/14
Rafael Lastra, Bradley 6/13
Janice Casteel, City of Cleveland
John Gentry, McMinn County Executive, Term
District Attorney, Term
Allen Watson, Monroe Coounty Executive, Term
Jack Harrill, Monroe County
Mike Stinnett Polk County Executive, Term
Bill Davis, Polk County Sheriff, Term
Jim Alsip, State of Tennessee, Term
County Commission, Term
Richard Hughes, Public Defender, Term
Judge Non-Voting Member
Judge Non-Voting Member
Jerry Hoffer, TN Bar Association

Storm Water Board of Appeals (appointed by Commission, Four Year Term )
Gerald Earls 9/17
Matt Bently 9/17
Eric McKenzie 9/17 
Verrill Norwood 9/17
John Sanders 9/17 
Kent Berry 9/17 
David Whaley 9/17 

Southeast Tennessee Veterans Home Council (appointed by Commission, formed 8/4/2009, name change 11/2/2009)
Mark Hall
Ed Elkins
Jeff Morelock
Brian Smith

Storm Water Advisory (appointed by County Mayor, Two Year Term)
Amanda Balilies Co. Bldg Inspector 4/15
Crystal Freiberg Attorney 4/15
Lindsay Hathcock Co. Mayor Designee 4/15
Jim Smith County Commission 4/15
Mike Holden Development Community 4/15
John Moore Farmer 4/15
Sandra Knight Road Superintendent 4/15
Chase Hicks Soil Conservation 4/15
Jim Richmond Surveyor 4/15
Darrel Tipton, Designer 4/15
Tony Knight, Stormwater Enforcement 4/15
Bently Thomas Planner 4/15

Task Force to Study Combining Planning    (formed by Resolution 6.15.2009)
Keith Holloway
Ken True 
Randy Brown

Tax Deferment Study
Louie Alford, Commission Chair
Bill Winters
Stanley Thompson, Property Assessor
Crystal Freiberg, County Attorney
Lake Mantooth, ORBA Representative

Work House Study Committee (Appointed by Mayor, Confirmed by Commission 12.17.2012
Alvin Word
Ed Elkins
Louie Alford
Brian Smith
Tony Moore
Rich Kienlen
Drew Robinson
Richard Hughes
Eric Watson, Ex Officio

911 Board
Four Year Term, Three County Mayor Citzen Appts., Approved by Commission & City Council, Eight Members by Position)
Terry Forshee, County Mayor Appointment 7/2017
Connie Spencer, County Mayor Appointment 7/2016 
John England, County Mayor Appointment 7/2015
D. Gary Davis County Mayor
Jim Ruth, County Sheriff
Troy Spence, EMA Director
Danny Lawson, EMS Director
Tom Rowland, City Mayor
Chuck Atchley, City Fire Chief
Wes Snyder, Cleveland Police Chief
Hank Hayden, Charleston Police Chief 
Dewey Woody, County Fire Chief

updated 5.7.2012


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